Candidates and Weblogs

It’s the it-issue of the moment, and Dave has a great essay on advice to campaign staffers about what to do about blogs in this election cycle.  With my former campaign manager hat on, I’ll vouch for the fact that 1) campaign teams should at least consider these ideas, and fast; and 2) that we’ve wondered for a long time about how to use the Net in campaigns, and wow, here it is, front and center, a real live tool and an issue in and of itself, giving one Democrat in particular a lot of momentum at the moment.  It’s a leadership issue, I’d argue, in this cycle: how candidates can use information technologies to run their campaigns.

It’s also one of the reasons I’m excited about BloggerCon, as I very much hope we’ll be able to dig into this issue further (especially during the politics panel) as these campaigns are unfolding.

1 thought on “Candidates and Weblogs

  1. This idea of candidates blogging during the horse race is a huge research interest of mine. At Oxford this summer, Dr. Stephen Coleman, CISCO Visiting Professor of e-Democracy, discussed the need for politicians to reach out to the people & connect more. Dr. Coleman blogs about these issues at, but I’m getting an error for some reason today. England seems to be further along at this stage & they have several blogging MPs. A young MP by the name of Richard Allen came to discuss how he uses technology to connect with his constituents & he found had a lot of great commentary about blogs as well. Of course, I blogged it.

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