University of Denver College of Law's new building

I’m just back from a few days in Denver, Colorado, as one of a three-person Berkman Center contingent helping to celebrate the opening of the new home of the University of Denver‘s College of Law.  The university is a remarkably vital, vibrant place, enjoying what our gracious host, Vice-Chancellor John Coombe, told us is a “renaissance.” They have a large number of new — and quite handsome — buildings in the midst of the city of Denver.  I traveled with Prof. Terry Fisher and Prof. Jonathan Zittrain, which was great in itself.  Somehow, we end up talking more effectively about our collective work when we’re away than when we’re in Cambridge.  We got to spend time with Dean Mary Ricketson, Prof. John Soma, and some very bright students and alumni of DU’s College of Law.  The experience of presenting at DU, hearing some very good discussions, and talking a lot with Terry and JZ — both far more experienced in this business than I am — got me quite excited about starting to teach a new course this week.

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