Candidates and Weblogs, Part II

We are hoping to take a critical look at how campaigns are using weblogs at BloggerCon.  Not surprisingly, there’s already a very lively set of comments on the Dean Campaign’s weblog.  Not to prejudge what’ll be said at the conference, but this quick and impressive (though littered with some anonymous ones that take pot-shots at the conference) set of comments strikes me as proof-positive that something’s going right there in their use of blogs.  We have begun and will continue to reach out to other campaigns as well and look forward to broad participation.  To answer one question posed in some of the commentary about this new panel, no campaign’s speaker will be required to pay the fee to attend, so campaign donors need not fear that their contributions are to be used in this fashion.  Chris Lydon, veteran journalist (one of the “Boys on the Bus,” for the NYT, in 1972, now covering 2004 via weblogs and audio, which is very cool), is moderating.

Particularly compelling among the comments, note this one that integrates the idea behind the H2O project, weblogs and campaigns.  Impressive analysis.

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