Late to the party, I know: Joi Ito on Emergent Democracy

Wow — this piece on Emergent Democracy by Joi Ito, clearly the work of some time and serious thought, is impressive.  I’ve sought to articulate many similar thoughts at many points, but not so crisply as he does.  The argument builds well, and works in a lot of ideas about ecosystems, networks and the like that Jim Moore uses to great effect.  He gets and gives voice to the promise about semiotic democracy, combined with political activism and technology, that is rarely stated with such force.  I don’t necessarily agree with each step in the analysis — and fear that some of the aspirations therein are overly optimistic, particularly in the conclusion — but it’s overall quite compelling and offers hope to those of like mind.  Don’t miss the audio version, especially in Part 2, on this theme and more, with Chris Lydon.

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