Following the Internet & Society Conference

Welcome to Cambridge!  If you’re not here in body for the Internet & Society 2004 conference, Votes, Bits and Bytes, please tune in to:

* the webcast, or

* the blogs (underway or hopefully underway soon):

Hoder (an early star of the show, see his welcome here), Dave (it is good to have excuses for friends to come home to Berkman!), David W., Craig, Jeff Jarvis, Jay Rosen, Rebecca MacKinnon (and her back-channel: #harvardbits on freenode, which is thanks to Joi), Ethan Zuckerman, The Accordian Guy, Susan Crawford, Jeff Ooi, Dan Gillmor (congratulations!!! nice of him to come here at such an auspicious time), the Global Voices blog, Potlatch, Jim Moore (who is launching a green ribbon campaign for Sudan here at this conference), Nicco, Michelle Levesque, Ory Okolloh.

(Right off the bat, Jeff Jarvis has the most, especially on Hoder’s on Citizenship session, along with David Weinberger, who is unstoppable.  Not, of course, that it’s a competition.)

* Here in the room, and hopefully covering the event: Esther, Dowbrigade, Ohmynews, Ben Adida, keynoter Scott Heiferman, Mary Hodder, Britt Blaser,, El-Oso.

* Also, I hope that you might check out our Working Hypothesis
for this conference (hosted by our friends at PersonalDemocracy),
comment on it, shoot it down, rip it up, make it better.  You might take a look at the conference Briefing Materials as well.

* And of course, follow along with the woman making it all possible: The Redhead.

* Scott Heiferman: “The best part about creating a platform is you
never know what people are going to use it for.”  (Stay tuned for
more on this topic in Jonathan Zittrain‘s keynote later this afternoon, called “Democractic Platforms.”)

* Robert Putnam: One of the major trends of the last century is “the privatization of leisure time by technology.”

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