David Weinberger weighs in

Always worth listening to, David Weinberger strikes me as particularly dead-on in his post of this evening about the blogging and ethics debate that has raged this weekend.

There are many aspects of what’s happened in the past few days —
loosely swirling around a conference that hasn’t happened yet and
around a “disclosure” that is disputed and which was public
(though, I admit, I had not focused on it) long before it hit the WSJ
this past week — that still merit working through, in my view.

But one key aspect of this narrative, which David W draws out, seems perfect plain to me.  The people
involved — Markos Zuniga, Jerome Armstrong, and Zephyr Teachout (and,
to greater or lesser extent, others in the Dean campaign world) — each
deserve an enormous amount of credit for their service to making
politics more robust, real, and forceful than anyone could have
reasonably imagined a few years ago.  Their contributions have
been enormous and heroic.  It’s heartbreaking to think that any
aspect of the swirling dispute, especially anything that I’ve written,
might suggest anything to the contrary.  The overall story of
civic engagement by people using new technologies is much the most
important part. 

(In the spirit of the season: my disclosure: I was an active supporter
of John Kerry’s campaign for the presidency, during the both the
primary and the general.)

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