Mitch Ratcliffe on Jay Rosen's piece

Red Herring’s Mitch Ratcliffe responds to Jay Rosen’s piece (“Bloggers vs. Journalists is Over”) in advance of our conference on web credibility:

“Bloggers are beating the crap out of journalists, because bloggers are giving away what writers used to be paid to produce. That doesn’t mean bloggers are going to win the market, because there have been plenty of industries assailed by the price-busting assault of massive commoditization. It does mean that journalists—all writers—are being pressed to come up with new and better ways to get their work into the market. It means that the centers of mass media distribution are melting like centrally heated igloos—the infrastructures are simply too big.”

Ratcliffe says it’s all about economics.  He calls for “an eBay of content.”

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