Signal or Noise II: Continuing a Tradition

Back when Napster was still new and hot, the Berkman Center put on the
first Signal or Noise conference.  It was the brainchild in no
small part of Glenn Otis Brown (now of Google, recently the very
successful ED of Creative Commons, and one of the all-time Berkman
Center greats), Meg Smith, Charles Nesson and others.  The site for the first conference is still up — a fun reminder of a not-so-distant era of the Internet (and of design).

Tomorrow, along with some great partners including Harvard JOLT,
Gartner|G2, the Harvard Committee on Sports and Entertainment Law, and
the Kennedy School of Government, we’ll do it again
The emphasis is on the same joyful, creative spirit that was such an
important part of the excitement around the mp3 revolution when it got
started, but with obviously a much different landscape today.  It
will be fascinating to compare the two discussions, separated by five

You can still sign up and join us.  It is certain to be fun.

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