A Practical Guide to the Fair Use Doctrine, and more

As we open the Signal or Noise 2k5 conference this morning, check out Christina Olson’s terrific entry in the conference briefing book, “A Practical Guide to the Fair Use Doctrine.”  You don’t have to be here to read it!

Other great pieces in the book:

* Rehana Gubin’s piece on Derivative Works
* Rob Kent’s Sampling article
* Jenevieve Maerker’s “Creative or Derivative: Old Techniques, New Technologies”
* David Russcol’s “For Money or for Art”
* Erica George’s fan fic backgrounder
* Jackie Harlow’s take on Music Sampling (“Time for a Remix?”)
* Vipul Patel on the Grey Tuesday story

This briefing book is a tremendous compilation of works by HLS students
and staff.  Thanks to all those who contributed so mightily.

Journalist Eric Hellweg is interviewing Mike Doughty, who is now
playing “White Lexus” on stage.  Impressive that he can manage rock and
roll before 10:00 a.m.  These two guys are amazing.  Mike’s blog is here.

David Weinberger is in the room.

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