Give to Creative Commons

CC needs you to donate — and not just your time, this time. 

Jamie Boyle writes: “We have had incredible success, both in the number
of our licenses being used (Yahoo reports 50 million link backs, though
that is an imprecise measure ) and in the quality and importance of the
material licensed.  (From MIT’s Open Courseware to the Public
Library of Science to Opsound, David Byrne and Gilberto Gil.)  The
organization has expanded world wide and in my admittedly biased view,
is making a great contribution in everything from educational
materials, and music sampling to easing access to scientific
research.   We have also raised a lot of money from
But we are now the victim of our own success.  In order to retain
our status as a charity, we need to meet the IRS’s public support
test.  We are also expanding our operations in all kinds of good
ways — developing nations licenses, Science Commons and so forth. To
do both of those things we have to raise money from individuals — lots
of indivduals.” 

Please join the me and the loads of people who have already taken this
little plunge.  CC matters.  One of the proudest
accomplishments of the Berkman Center is that CC has roots here. 
We want to keep helping in each stage of its growth.

And it takes literally 60 seconds online.  Go here
If you are not the online type, send it to: Anne Marino, Development
Director, Creative Commons & Science Commons, 543 Howard Street,
5th Floor, San Francisco, California 94105-3013.

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