Statement Regarding the RSS 2.0 Specification

We’ve heard from a number of people about an uneasy (and unfounded) sense that something is happening with respect to the RSS 2.0 spec.  Just by way of clarification, nothing has changed from the perspective of Harvard, which is the owner and trustee of the RSS 2.0 spec.  To review the bidding, a few years ago, Userland, a private company, entered into a contract with Harvard to transfer ownership of all intellectual property associated with the RSS 2.0 spec.  Harvard, in turn, offers the specification to anyone for their use, subject to a legally-binding Creative Commons license.  Anyone or any group may do anything it wants with the spec, but only subject to the terms of the license.  That is still the case.  Harvard has not transferred the ownership in any way to anyone, other than the original and continuing grant to the community via the Creative Commons license.  We take seriously our rights as holders of the spec and our responsibility as trustees of the spec.  While we are delighted to know that many members of the RSS community continue to work on relevant issues to move the industry along in various ways, including related to the spec itself, Harvard has no involvement with any of these efforts.  Our role and our posture in this matter has not changed.

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