"You'd be crazy to rely on Global Voices alone for your world news"

Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon, the founders of Global Voices, are the guests for today’s class at Harvard Law School in Internet, Law and Politics. 

– Ethan’s made clear that GV is a complement to mainstream media, and
not a supplement.  “You’d be crazy,” he said, “to rely on Global
Voices alone for your world news.”  Despite its rapid growth and
early successes in its first 14 months, GV is a work-in-progress and
one that supplements, not replaces, the news that is offered by other
(professional) journalists and informal sources not rounded up on GV.

– Rebecca says that neither blogs nor Internet makes democracies
stronger; “people make democracies stronger” and in some cases use
technologies to get it done.

– Ethan says that the places where Internet — in the hands of the
right users — can have a positive impact on democracy is in places
where the media environment is relatively closed. 

– Ethan focuses also on Bridge Bloggers — Ory Okolloh, the Kenyan Pundit (and HLS ’05), and Mahmood
of Bahrain — who write not just for a local audience, but for a global
audience who are listening in to what’s happening in their home
countries, as an example of making a particular difference through
their work.

– Rebecca notes that while we are, in the US, focused on the US
companies-in-China story, the real story that the Chinese blogosphere
is paying attention to is the Steamed Bun Controversy (worth exploring, trust me).

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