Hatch-Leahy Patent Reform Proposal

Just before summer recess, some prominents senators have revived patent reform legislation (more or less) that had been proposed in the House last year. It’s interesting to witness the politics between the Professional Inventors Alliance (which dislikes these proposals) and the Big TechCos (which are full-bore behind it, it appears).

4 thoughts on “Hatch-Leahy Patent Reform Proposal

  1. Subject: Politics-L (Patent Reform discussion group)

    On behalf of Ron Riley (piausa.org) this is to inform you that two days ago in an online tele-conference two sides of the patent reform debate; namely (a) Corning Inc; AJW Group; attorneys representing corps/manufacturers; lobby groups; the “21st Century Patent Reform Coalition”; Innovation Alliance; Amberwave etc versus (b) http://www.piausa.org; inventors; inventor group principals all agreed to participate in a joint discussion to be set up and administrated by http://www.piausa.org originating in the formation of Politics-L.

    We invite you and your members to participate.

    Politics-L is for discussion of Federal patent related legislative and public policy issues.
    Politics-L subscription: http://piausa.org/mailman/listinfo/politics-l_piausa.org
    Politics-L E-mail: Politics-L-request@piausa.org

    List Assistant
    Ronald J. Riley,

    President – http://www.PIAUSA.org – RJR at PIAUSA.org
    Other Affiliations:
    Executive Director – http://www.InventorEd.org – RJR at InvEd.org
    Senior Fellow – http://www.patentPolicy.org
    President – Alliance for American Innovation
    Caretaker of Intellectual Property Creators on behalf of deceased founder Paul Heckel
    Washington, DC
    Direct (202) 318-1595 – 9 am to 9 pm EST.

  2. Who is Ronald J. Riley? He is not a licensed patent lawyer, not a registered patent agent, not a legal scholar on patent rights and not an ex-employee of The US Patent Office. He is a self-proclaimed “expert” on patent law without any university training in the legalities of this field. He is not a Ph.D. on intellectual property rights and is not part of any effective lobbying group that could seriously lead to change. Ronald J. Riley has created several inventor related organizations and has appointed himself “President” and “Director” of these little known groups. If anyone is seriously looking for legal advice on patent law or the USPTO, you should consult with a qualified professional. Ronald J. Riley may have read a couple of books about patent law, but he is not an attorney or anyone to be taken seriously on these matters.

    Watch your wallet. Hold onto your credit card. Ronald J. Riley’s organization wants your money. That’s why he wants the unsuspecting public to “donate” to “PIAUSA”.

    After reading his posts over the last several years, the reader will be able to judge the motives and intentions of this individual. Mr. Ronald Riley has a very creative imagination. He’s copied information from the public domain onto his websites and makes unsubstantiated claims about how he fights for individual inventor. The only problem is, there’s no verifiable proof that any of his claims are true!

    It seems that the only area in which he excels is posting his verbiage on all the patent blogs trying to solicit “donations” from the naive inventor. He does this by constantly promoting his organization PIAUSA.

    Mr. Riley has a long history of constantly tring to collect money for his websites and organizations. Please ask Mr Riley how your money will be spent, and have him send you an email stating that none of your funds will be spent on his personal expenses.

    Also, ask how he has spent past “donations”. Please do not give any money to Riley until you check him out thoroughly. Mr. Riley should disclose exactly how much money he’s collected from the public, and the money is spent.

    Any legitamate non-profit group will give you this information. Riley is a very clever fellow and he’s very good at playing the part of “patent advocate”, but don’t be fooled – there’s no track record here of licensing patents, backing individual inventors or earning royalties.

    He may respond to this post by saying that I’ve been disbarred. But he cannot get his facts straight – I am William A. Scott not the William Scott he refers to: McNair Arnold and London Financial, Inc., and their former counsel William Scott, Esq., and the Scott Law Firm, P.A., filed two separate applications under the Equal Access to Justice Act and the Commission’s implementing regulations, seeking awards of attorney fees and other expenses associated with Scott’s debarment as counsel in this proceeding. After a careful review of the record, the applications of Curtis McNair Arnold and London Financial, Inc., and their former counsel William Scott, Esq., and the Scott Law Firm, P.A. for fees and other expenses under the Equal Access to Justice Act were denied. Administrative Law Judge, Bruce C. Levine. CFTC Docket No. 97-12.

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