Silke Ernst, Urs Gasser on the EUCD

A long-awaited paper from Prof. Dr. Urs Gasser and his colleague, Silke Ernst, on best practices for implementing the EUCD has been published.

From their intro: “Today, years after intense struggles and tussles, almost all EU Member States have transposed the EU-Copyright Directive (EUCD) into national law. However,the continuing controversies surrounding the EUCD itself and conflicts about the national implementations have made clear that we are far from having reached a consensus about the appropriate design of copyright law for the digital age that satisfies – or better: serves the interests of – all relevant stakeholders, including creators, artists, teachers, students, and the public at large.

“At a time where the existing EU copyright framework is under review, this best practice guide seeks to provide a set of specific recommendations for accession states and candidate countries that will or may face the challenge of transposing the EUCD in the near future. It is based on a collaborative effort to take stock of national implementations of the EUCD1 and builds upon prior studies and reports that analyze the different design choices that Member States have made.”

Much worth reading, especially if you care about Digital Media, DRM, Europe, the EU and transposition, and so forth.

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