2 thoughts on “GoLoco.org

  1. John – In many ways, the success of ZipCar is closely related to the simplicity with which an age old problem was solved – people love their cars. They love the freedom a car gives them – as well as the privacy. The new venture GoLoco.org seems to violate at least one of those principles. I’m not sure I can envision a typical American “sharing” their car with “strangers . . . .” Any thoughts on that?

  2. It seems like every single human coordination problem gets “solved” today by a “social network”. I am pretty sure that we are in an “pre-age” of this new sociological technology. And like with search-engines and news-portals, only two or three will survive.
    So, the players drop out one platform after another to raise their chances to be among the survivors. Not all are worth a second visit.

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