1 thought on “Why is Spam Such a Hard Problem, Still?

  1. Dear John, Thank you for sharing this. My heart jumped with relief as soon as I saw your post title in my newsfeed. Any info, advice or guidance from Berkman re online security that might help educate and protect us from terrorists (when online at home) is hugely appreciated. Here’s looking forward to more postings on spam because it’s getting so sophisticated, there are no clues as to how to firefight spooky stuff happening to my landline/PowerBookG4. For instance, what does Skype do when it is just sitting unused on my desktop (I’ve not used it and am wondering if it is a threat). I’ve followed your blog for 4 years and am a huge fan of your team at Berkman. Here in England, life wouldn’t be the same for me without bloggers like Ethan (Zuckerman) and Jim (Moore) and, of course, Dave Winer. You four have always been my first port of call on the latest big issues because I trust that, collectively, you have a pretty accurate finger on the pulse of cyberspace. We need more of Dave’s BloggerCons. I have fond memories of Dave’s first BloggerCon. The build up was so exciting and such a laugh – even though none of the live webcasting worked for those of us on dial up 4 years ago. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Dave’s posting on Marc Canter. Heh.

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